Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honey Honey

Dude Bro, Duuuuude, Bro naw bro. Dude?

But I don't give a fuck, cause I'm Far from Home Tonight.

Japandroids at the Casbah. San Diego man!
One of the best live bands around. Both of these guys play so F'in hard. Ears always hurt after these guys. I got some more but I'm just throwing these up to tied over who ever may take a gander at these here ones and zeros. Going to be plenty busy working on a supply ship that's  floating on a barge, that's sitting next to a dock, that on the bay, which happens to be right next to the coronado bridge. Dirt work with a clean view. Everyone should be so lucky. Mucho thanks if you do check this crud out. 

Los Dabbers

The Dabbers are one of my favorite bands in San Diego. I've shot them before, some more of the same I guess. The new songs are good. More of the same I guess.

Stinky Pete Rest in (dog)Piss

Dear Mr. Mouse,
I've lived in some mice ridden places, but of all places, in the shop, you've been rarely seen. I appreciate your silent sneaking, your out-a-site out of sightness, and never once did you get into any of my food. Cheers Mr. Mouse, Cheers. It seems only fitting, that after our exemplary ability to co-exist, that you come to die, in a place that won't stink up the whole shop. Strange to think, your last view was from the underside of the t-bucket. Is this a sign that I too will be spending lots of time underneath the roadster when it becomes road-worthy? Either way, karma earned is a karma learned, or something else that rhymes. Enjoy the dirt.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Another time lapse from el mirage. The starting line. Wish it was longer. Music by Mr. Johnny Paycheck. I'm leaving for the wild expanses of a place I used to call home, and I guess I still do. San Jose/Campbell I'll see you for a full week of sleeping, swimming, moto rideing, photo shooting, baseball gaming, big cheifing, friends seeing, radio blasting goodness. I'll call ya when I get there.