Wednesday, December 31, 2008

everyone gets getting younger

Ever since i've moved down to southern california and now san diego, i've talked massive piles of shit on the area. So I decided to reload on my shit talking ammo. Took a quick latenite trip to the city with a good friend. No plans, get lost, find food, feel good. Twas a blast. 

There is no place like the Bay Area. 

Friday, November 7, 2008


Time Lapse: Attached my camera to the bars. Took a picture ever 2 seconds I believe. It's low quality and even lower in the fact that the focus ring slipped mid ride. Was just a tester for future chit. 

Red Dot One (Star Wars Four)

Red Dot I: Red Dot One. Like Star wars 4 was based on the odysey by homer. Prequil. Well mabey it was a quick car thrown together in a weeks time to make money from germans. In someways it gave its own life so that son of Dot could live on. R.D.2. had a good child hood. It ran wild and free in fields of green. Then it moved to the city and got plastic surgery and it became that cusin no one talks about. You know that one...I'll post a bunch more of the adolecent years of R.D.2. to come. 

Push it, push it real good.

Way back in 19(2007)47. TP's 40 ford and Red Dot II. El Mirage Lake Bed California. As salt-n-pepa would say... push it...push it real good. I shot a time lapse of this somewhere. Look up red dot 2 on the tube that is you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

30 lash's with a wet noodle

This was the weekend we drove the 40 up to san jose for the break in. Hanging out at pat lash's old house. Travis' 29 rpu "chief" and pat's 29 rodster. Good times. And as always thanks for the hospitality pat. I miss the bay area.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

64 on the floor

Unknown to me some cute blond loudmouth on the back of the Honda pulled out her cellular devices mid-ride and decided to send it to me months later. 
Better late then never...guess thats our motto now.

Zap Bang Bow

Went down to ventura for the weekend. Trying not to be a hack and actully get my photos out there. Got to see one of my favorite people who also happens to be an insane photoman. One of the nices people i know. Will tell me anything i asked about his photos, techniques, his life, etc. 

Shinya said he has an extra cb77 motor for my bike as well...Shinya, just giving me one of his old motors...i was floored. Saw more good friends then good cars this weekend. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Schwinn it to win it

Pounded out an aluminum faring for the schwinn.
Some call it Byclops
Some call it stupid
I call it slippery

Fixed-Push Skateboarding


Fixed-Push Skateboarding


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fuck yer fixie

i have more pictures of my schwinn then my dog. fabers cycle, san jose, ca. fall or winter of 2007. fuck yer fixie.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sagrado Corazon (why i've learned to love guacamole)

sloppy came down to ventura, just to fuck off. Drove his toyota beater truck. Thing drove over 1000 miles during that weekend no problem, besides the alternator charging at 16v. Went to LA on sat, el mirage for the races on sunday. 60 schwinn landspeed racing...milk crate class.
i went for the tucked approach. Bike's are love.
Porno grabbed my new 64 honda cb77 from sf and took it down for me. This is after I put the new bars on it.
My life has turned into this scene. Dog, bike, messy room. Two days later the bed was flipped up against the wall so i could change the tires. It wasn't registered since 91 but we got it running. Rode it to work on sat and messed with the carbs all day. Got it running decent and was thinking about trying to ride to santa maria sat night for the new paso shit. On the way home from work it started puking massive amount of oil out of the head breather all over my leg and the trans. Great!!!!!!!!! 

dinner time

Your not to name things you eat, but no one said anything about dressing them up and sticking a beer up their ass. 

Sporklift diaries pt. 2

We left about 2am and didn't get to s.d. till 10ish. 3 tire blowouts, one shoe blowout. Redbull, shelled penuts, and bad brains kept me going.
Left the lift a a gas station in long beach. Got a guy checkin on it till travis can go get it. See what I mean about looking like tweekers!
Perich Bros. new shop. and my new home. 
How I felt after being up for about 30 hours, and then missing 3 trains to get home for work.
This is what i'll be seeing alot of in s.d. for a while. Grinding her down here boss...grinder down there luke.

sporklift diaries

I've been helping my good friend travis move shit to San Diego. We convinced my boss at work that the extra lift wasn't worth shit so she would sell it to travis for cheap. Hint: Don't move an 8000 lb. spoonlift with a wood floored car trailer.
Indian Jones and the curse of the catapillar. Through the floor we go.
This whole load of shit made us look like tweakers. I was fallowing in the box van. Lost a tire, music was loud, kept driving. Uhaul's are called that for a reason, they haul!
Stopped at some gas station at 4am in la. Rearranged all the stuff. Had to leave the trailer. Casualty of the road.

LA has fucked up hwy's. The forklift trailer blew 2 tires in about an hour. We only got 10 miles from one blowout to the next. 

couldn't write this fecal matter

tool guys suck. I don't want yer shit leave me alone. Snap on guy's gas tank fell from his truck and he was dragging it around. He has a truck full of tools, but he decided to fix it with tie down straps. Proof enough that all that shit you haul around is worthless. He didn't even have nice snap on tiedowns. He stole them from us. Don't get too dirty down there, wouldn't want you to get anything on ya. You'd have to buy some of that snap on body wash and luva combo to clean up.

Only a little bit looser then Jahovas Witnesses

Work gets dull. And I think I'm a perv.


Flew to portland.
walked around in the rain...went back to the airport to sleep, got a 5150 called in on me by airport security. Don't take your socks and shoes off to let them dry out in the airport. No matter how cold your feet are. Went to burnside with dryfeet.
Picked up this hunk a shit 40ford and drove back to ventura with travis. Well he picked it up, i played the harmonica, and considered moving to portland.
Stopped in san jose on the way home. Visited "sloppy" sin and pat.
Pat's new house came with an all cement backyard, and a 4 car garage. And a bar in the basement. A gem in Man Jose.

I'm computer lazy. Not computer illiterate, just lazy. I've been up to alot, and a little simeltaniously. This is going to be pictoral diharea of what was on my cameras. Mabey next week i'll post some some decent pictures i've shot and not the point and push variety. Onward whore!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I shot this one weekend when Zap came to town to shoot, Travis, and strangely me, fucking around in Ventura for Cruisn' mag from Japan. I believe this was the weekend Zap wrote dirty japanese words all over the red dot. Zap's the best, showed me tones of camera tricks, and in turn we let him try welding for the first time. I think I have some of the pic's online somewhere. If you know what the article said let me know, me no speeka japanese. Not only in Arizona can you ride around in the back of pickup trucks. 

Drafting large objects: good for gas, bad for radiator.
Hwy 101 on the way back from the 06' asphalt invitational.
1986 craftsman leaf blower. wish i could find one at a yard sale.

The Wheels on the Bus Go...

I made this to post stuff I've shot, things I'm working on, and random crap that makes me tick. I've got a lot of motivation from some of these blogs, whether it be random pictures, or builds, hopefully I can do the same for someone else. -Luke