Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jesus Built my Snot Rod

Bobaluga...we got a bet here. So I said I'd put up some more RedDot2 pictures. I guess this was it's first steps. Travis had been building it from shit lying at the shop for the past 4 months. We were still wiring it as friends were coming through ventura on there way up to paso. I dont know what we were thinking...well I guess we wernt. Sleep deprovation and the same 71 Dead show playing over and over. It turned over but wouldn't start. We had been working like nuts so we said fuck it lets just trailer it(i know i know!) I think we left around 12. I don't rember driving there. I just rember falling asleep in the back of the 40 on a white sheepskin rug in the parking lot of the paso inn and walking up in line to get on the lawn. Sunday we were pulling it back to the trailer and it bumpstarted 2nd try. And from then on you could start it with the starter. Strange things are afoot at the circle k. We drove it around paso with no lites...all the other cars had left. It felt damn good. Travis 3 amigos lined up for departure.