Monday, September 28, 2009

Who's ray for aluminum.

I wrote something long and stupid. I deleted it. Then i wrote....Aluminum Seat I built a week or two ago. I don't have enough money to pay the late registration on my bike Yet I have enough spare time and am wealthy enough in scrap aluminum. Life is a strange mix of shit sometimes. Don't have a break light or plate rigged up yet but it's been on a test ride or 3. Is it OK to say I don't like it? Spent too much time on it. Learned a lot. Just doesn't flow with my bike though. Whhahhhhh whaaaahh boo who? 

Where Moore meets Gaines

This is the Corner of my Street on any given night. I live at the corner of Moore and Gaines in San Diego. I'm not really saposed to be living there so don't tell your sister. The morning after I took this picture there was an Astin Martin Vanquish parked right there. And this pumpkin turned into a horse carage. I didn't get that picture so we'll say it never happened. San Diego...Blankets Optional. 

A while Back at Work