Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Joser

A while back in a San Jose Light Rail (trolly, commuter train, fancy bus, whatever ya call it) tunnel. Alex. I believe he was no older then 15 when I took this photo. I think I can see a pube sprout in this photo. Manly Stuff.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paint Fumes and Caffeinated Beverages

I'm not listing to anything like this at the moment. But what the hell.

BBQ Iguanas holmes!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime and the living is Easy Mac

I had to run out to the desert to run a little errand. Stopped in LA first, to visit the kids.
Game time at Dodger Stadium: In this photo I am...
a. Sleepy
b. Hungover
c. Someone just farted dodger dog two rows down
d. Thinking really really hard about life, and the physical as well as biological structure of an apple
Who cares, lets do the wave.

Then I drove east, to Needle. 107 deg. No A/C. Sweatin to the Oldies, (steve miller band).
But here's a good soundtrack for the accompanying photos.

Awesome 7up signage in Needle. Because sprite just won't do.
Considered getting a room and "massage" at this place. Took a photo and hit the gas instead. 
Hwy I-95 from needles to Blythe. Great road, twist, turns, and taunts the Colorado River. I headed south back to San Diego.
I-95 Rest Stop. California's debt at work.
The colorado river? or where the dinosaurs from "The land before time" movie make it to at the end. 
I bought this post card at a truck stop.
My secret spot. The old worm bait cups, fishing lures, and condoms told otherwise. 
Best spot I've ever watched the sun go down. Ever. 70 degree water, 90 degree air, 80 degree beer. 

By the time it feels like summer, it's fall. Go for a drive. Get out of the hive. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Red White and Dodger Blue

So I'm Late, but the declaration of independence took weeks to send by sea to the king of england, and Thomas Jefferson wasn't looking up casual encounters on Craig's list, he had slaves for that type of thing. Fuck off you Limey Bastards. California, raise your flag. We're next on the rebellion list. Wait, there's a list?