Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maybe a repost

Untitled from Our Videos on Vimeo.

enjoy either way.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

jose bought a sac-a-tomatoes for francisco

Another roll from a few different weeks. Sacramento is always nice, mix in river livin', 2 stroke fumes, and people with the best attitudes and it makes you forget about any stealthy bush hiding police.
Streets are so smooth. Had no problem keeping up on the motorized bike. Until the flat.
Daniel from the Wooly Bullies.
Pit stop.

Look back attack.
Sloppy soaking it up.

We headed back down to San Jose for Sloppy's birthday shindig.
Lilly gettin' silly.
Add your own caption.

Robbie and I went to a Giants game on a tuesday after many previous failed attempts. Ended up finding tickets to the next days game on a fire extinguisher and both of us were able to make it to the fallowing day game. Hooky and ball games, hard to beat.
Fist pump for no work!