Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I shot this one weekend when Zap came to town to shoot, Travis, and strangely me, fucking around in Ventura for Cruisn' mag from Japan. I believe this was the weekend Zap wrote dirty japanese words all over the red dot. Zap's the best, showed me tones of camera tricks, and in turn we let him try welding for the first time. I think I have some of the pic's online somewhere. If you know what the article said let me know, me no speeka japanese. Not only in Arizona can you ride around in the back of pickup trucks. 

Drafting large objects: good for gas, bad for radiator.
Hwy 101 on the way back from the 06' asphalt invitational.
1986 craftsman leaf blower. wish i could find one at a yard sale.

The Wheels on the Bus Go...

I made this to post stuff I've shot, things I'm working on, and random crap that makes me tick. I've got a lot of motivation from some of these blogs, whether it be random pictures, or builds, hopefully I can do the same for someone else. -Luke