Friday, November 7, 2008


Time Lapse: Attached my camera to the bars. Took a picture ever 2 seconds I believe. It's low quality and even lower in the fact that the focus ring slipped mid ride. Was just a tester for future chit. 

Red Dot One (Star Wars Four)

Red Dot I: Red Dot One. Like Star wars 4 was based on the odysey by homer. Prequil. Well mabey it was a quick car thrown together in a weeks time to make money from germans. In someways it gave its own life so that son of Dot could live on. R.D.2. had a good child hood. It ran wild and free in fields of green. Then it moved to the city and got plastic surgery and it became that cusin no one talks about. You know that one...I'll post a bunch more of the adolecent years of R.D.2. to come. 

Push it, push it real good.

Way back in 19(2007)47. TP's 40 ford and Red Dot II. El Mirage Lake Bed California. As salt-n-pepa would say... push it...push it real good. I shot a time lapse of this somewhere. Look up red dot 2 on the tube that is you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

30 lash's with a wet noodle

This was the weekend we drove the 40 up to san jose for the break in. Hanging out at pat lash's old house. Travis' 29 rpu "chief" and pat's 29 rodster. Good times. And as always thanks for the hospitality pat. I miss the bay area.