Thursday, November 25, 2010


Went to the red fox room on el cajon blvd in san diego for my birthday. If you like dark, booth filled cheep steak houses, with strong drinks, and old people, then this is your spot. Sweet little bar too. Wait, never mind. This place sucks. Don't go there. Stay away. You wouldn't like it. Cole obviously hasn't realized that prop 19 didn't pass.
At an asian bookstore in san jose i picked up these gems. It's a shame that so many bookstores and magazine shops are dropping like flies, but I guess something as niche as this is sure to have a strong foothold in the area.
Sloppy Sin's neighbor was going to throw this away. He saved it and I'm sure one day he's going to paint a little mod kid ridding that beast like a scooter, as he tries to evade a pack of angry half wolf half custom 70's van gangs.
Were having dog meat for thanksgiving.

Went to see the Sharks with my dad while I was in Man Jose this weekend. Football sucks.

Over and out make ya scream and shout.

Monday, November 15, 2010

History Lesson

Now with 20% more size and 40% less of the focus you love!
No really, bigger then normal. So do whatever the hell you want with the top photo.

On the side cover of my bike, for the past couple years in sharpie marker, continually retraced, reads "Commodore Mathew C. Perry and his Black Steam Ships" 

When I first got this bike, it hadn't been registered since 1991 (and most likely not started since then either). Sloppy Sin helped me get it running again, and I rode it in it's stock glory for a few months to work and around Ventura. Poor piston rings and sitting for years, made it pump black smoke out the exhaust and in 4th gear oil would come out of the head breather, much like a steam ship. Trust me, it was a lot of smoke!

Here's where Mr. Perry found his way onto my "Black Steam Ship".
Commodore Perry was the head honcho in charge of the large fleet of American Ships, which in essence, forced the Japanese to open up trade to the United States. At the time only the Dutch and Chinese were allowed trade with Japan.
I'm sure it went something like this, 
"Soooo.... ya, we know you guys are a peaceful nation, and have beautiful traditions and a way of life so simple, efficient, clean and well designed it's really hard to rap our head around. And ya that's cool, do what you want, it works. I've been actually thinking about picking up a pair of those wooden sandals you guys have for Mrs. Perry. But anyway, you got cool shit, and we want in. I mean you trade with the dutch. Their flag is all orange. How boring. We want in on that shit. I don't even really know what you have, but we're America and this is the space race...I mean imperialism, I mean were just average guy's.... so you should trade with us. Or well blow you up with our magical bang bang bang thing. So I'm going to let you guys talk it over, me and my crew is going to go down and see what the Taiwan strip joints are like and well be back in a bit with more of your new friends who love flexing that second amendment thing we got in the states. Boys lets roll, and we out!"
By forcing Trade with America, Matthew C. Perry essentially started the modernization of Japan. (Trust me it wasn't Tom Cruise in that one movie) With modernization, comes technology. And with technology we have modern forms of transportation like cars, guns, and motorcycles.
In the span of 100 years Japan would have a full scale Navy and be a major player in WWII. 
In Honda CB77 Superhawks of the 60's were some of the most technological bikes of the time. All this development in such short time, would never had happen were it not for the goofy looking man below and his black steam ships.
"The term "Black Ships", in Japan, would later come to symbolise a threat imposed by Western technology." 
Below is the flag flown on Perry's ship the first time the black steam ships entered Japanese harbors. Flown from Annapolis, Md to the surrender ceremonies at the end of WWII. 
You can form your own impression of what the United States was implying with the gesture, but to me it's fairly obvious.
Long story Short:
My bike smoked really bad. Superior Japanese Technology. Thanks for being a jerk Commodore Perry.

Friday, November 12, 2010

(Enter Clever Title Here)

(Write clever, witty, or sarcastic garbage here. Rinse and Repeat.)

I'm mother loving Lazlo

It looks like some guy walking in circles, but this is a highly choreographed dolly shot. Smooth as butter. I'm pushing, pulling focus, and picking up and laying down track behind and in front of the camera all in one. I'm just that good.

Cleansing of the Beast from Luke Brown on Vimeo.

Burning Garbage is bad for the ohhhh zone....but a great name for a band.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bean Bandits, Hold the Rice..

Went to the Bean Bandits reunion and memorial for Joaquin Arnett on Saturday. The nicest, people, most amazing hospitality, and one of the few groups of guys still pushing, everything in the same way they have for 60 years.
A friend told me this yesterday and I can't think of a better way to sum up these men and their cars....
"...when shitty circumstances start pilling up it's definitely a test of will and strength. The only thing that gets me past it is clear understanding, strength of will, and decisive, unapologetic action." 
Thanks for the words holmes.... your checks in the mail.