Monday, January 25, 2010

It's time to play everybodys favorite funtime game, "everybody move back"

Because in, case you didn't know... your friends up front, are real bug-eyed.
Have your number two pencils sharpened and ready... the test begins now. It's a two parter, your fucked.

Currently I am building..
Part One
A.  A fancy flower vase for my cremated remains once, placed in those weird "cremated remains" walls. (Poor people hang their big game trophy kills up too!)
B. Cafe Racer style seat for a brake-less two stroke sears- race ready machine.
C. Lower motorcycle fairing, aka the goat-t of two wheels.

Part Two
I am also wasting too much time on...
A. Outer Space Battle Helmet/Rocket Pack Air foil.
B. Medieval Dog Body Armor.
C. Motorized bicycle flat track rear fender for Travis's "Hog".
D. Ice bucket for the handle of 1981 true Canadian imported, Canadian Club I picked up in oceanside for $13.
F. The silver power ranger's escape two-wheeler.

If you correctly guessed that I'm loosing my mind, then well.... you got the answer right but I'm failing you for not showing up to class 13 out of 14 times and being really good at multiple guess test. 

Well I said friend...

I watched Mike Judges new movie extract last night, he has the best soundtracks in his movies. They are so out of place, yet fit so well. Officespace, with multiple hiphop songs and by the ghettoboys no less!
This recent one was mostly mid 70's country, which if you know me, i not so secretly like old country. It's rekindled my love in Johnny Paycheck, moreover, and makes me badly want my old pickup back to take pointless drives and find secret roads with.

I can't wait till I move into my new house on Memory lane.

Look up Colorado Kool-Aid and get lost!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh... Mr. Tom Waits

Stolen from one of the best blogs around. It's more like an online magazine though.

and if you go here
you can get a fully live two hour waits show from the past year as well as tones of other free live shows. adios muchachos

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motorbikeing, oh motorcyclin!

Stolen from the FTWCO. Video blog, who stole it from who ever posted it on you tube.

Keep your friends close and keep your enemies in a little glass jar next to your bed.

I went Home to Campbell for a week and a half. And well it..was home. Together me and Mr. Sloppy Sin ascended Mt. Vesuvius, watched epic Japanese children gang, moon motorcycle cartoons, swapped his moon motor into my earth bound Super Hawk and attempted to contact the earth survivors through copious amounts of french vietnamese pastries. 

Also I can't thank enough his moon misses for letting me bum and being such a awsome host. 

I did other stuff when I was home, watch lots of hockey, sleep alot, see family, but it doesn't exist because I didn't take pictures of it. Faliz Veinti diaz whey.

Camera Phones are the new Poloroid, And I hate them.

But lets take a jog through mine, because sometimes I fall victim to technology. 
Because John Quincy Adams, was a poor blood related child marrying imitation. 
Working on the dock of the bay, watching my time slip away. Fuckellberry Fin.
If your scared go to church.
Keep an eye on your salsas, vato.
Reason number 347 of why I miss being in the Republic of Northern California.
Good luck Mullets come in twos. And in San Diego of all places.
Worlds biggest fish hook. Sharks, the other, other white meat.
We were a dedicated bunch my old roomates and I. Least the our monument still stands.
The original.  Keep an eye out.
Hwy 101 / The Royal Road / El Camino Real / Best road ever this time of year.