Friday, February 19, 2010

I've been watching a lot of Weeds. Season Two in one night.

Photo: Rob Stephen©2010

I've been lagging on fixing my rear-set mount. It's going to rain this weekend. I work better when it rains. Big band and rain. and maybe some micheladas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loose Change

(Disclaimer): I promise to only make cheesy post like this on a once or twice bi-monthly cycle.

2002: Palo Alto Skate Park aka Greer
2010: Pedestrian Bridge, Rancho San Diego
Photo: Rob Stephen@2010
I've recently come to the self realization, that people don't change. We get older, we intake new information and experience, learn from mistakes(some more then others), approach situations from a new perspective, but at our core we are the same person we are from youth. Youth junkies, searching for that drug that's going to be as good as it was the first time we had it. We essentially want the same simplistic things we've always wanted. Maybe they get a bit grandiose and lofty (or focused and specific, for those who have the head for that). This comes with getting older. At my idealistic core, I want the same things I've wanted since I was young.

The only thing that changes are the outlets for obtaining said happiness......and pubic hair.

And Neil Young's heart of gold makes me want to learn steel guitar. But maybe I'm just a lazy musician. Or not one at all.

Hallmark Holiday

And this:

Mean my V-Day was better then yours.

Netflix, Django. One of the most brutal, entertaining spaghetti westerns I've ever seen. Every 5 minutes I was "no way'ing" in laughter and awe. Do it on a sleepy sunday morning. The day cant start bad with poor english dubs and secrets in coffins.

Make sure you get the original 1966 version too! I think there was almost 50 non-official sequels after.

Plus the song, well the song speaks for itself.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't know.

Mabey it's in my blood, my aunt fell out of a moving car once. On the way back from the Asphalt invitational back in 06 or 07, I almost did the same. Door came wide open as I was leaning out, of travis' 40. looking strait down at speeding road is strange when you aren't expecting it. Though, I will say, everything becomes more fun when you almost get run over.

Just forget i posted this and go on with your daily lives. -The Managment

But I must also say that you can not think of the jam, with out this.....

All is Quiet on the Western Front, So turn up the volume

"The Who" suck, you know it, i know it, they know it... but I can deal with this...

I wish they could have been dressed up as joker's helpers in the new batman, and played this for heath(that guy who died).
That I could handle.

This is what you turn on when your making dinner for a lady friend, it's better then ice cream holmes.

But for now, you are stuck with this.... and if you don't like the jam i don't like you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ol' Iron Foot

Went on the annual Todd Vs. Mockers ride on sunday. Besides lovely grooved cement that loved pulling my front tire around where ever it damn wheel please, Mathew Perry and his Black Steam Ships rode "bitchin" as everyone ten years older then me would say. Until the trip home.
Some girl didn't like my seat, she put bad jew jue on me. After politely asking some "homies" ta bump there jams, and leaving the stoplight, I was dragging my victim down hwy94. ( there is a reason no one makes cast aluminum for strength needing parts anymore.)
Tried to move the peg forward more but the linkage was too long. Adjusted the shifter so i could reach down and hand shift. 2nd gear bump start and were ready to go.
Uhhhh wait....the shifting is backwards from normal now, shifted back down into first, and couldn't push it back down into second. I would of been there all day but apparently happy hour was almost over. Quick thinking. Mabey too quick.
Love it or Leave it......

(Don't worry sloppy) we went back and got it!

Craft Club

The "bling" was too much. Had to bring some hometown crud into it.
Downtown Campbell, Ca 1930

Downtown Campbell 1940. Picture from the same spot.
At least she's exited about it.